What Can I Substitute For Vegetable Oil In Brownies

What Can I Substitute For Vegetable Oil In Brownies (6 Substitutes)

Do you know any person who does not like soft and fuzzy homemade brownies? No, right? Because there is nothing better in this world than a delicious batch of brownies.

Right out of the oven? Better.

There is nothing not to believe in the fact that people enjoy baking brownies more than they enjoy eating them with their friends and family. If you are searching for a substitute for vegetable oils in your brownie recipe, then there are only two possibilities.

One that you have run out of vegetable oils and are craving brownies.

Second, you want to experiment and use a healthier option than vegetable oil in your brownie recipe.

It does not matter the reason you are searching for a substitute because you have landed in the right place. Here you will get to know about six substitutes of vegetable oils for brownies.

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What Can I Substitute For Vegetable Oil In Brownies?

Have you run out of vegetable oil? Or do you want to experiment with other substitutes? Whatever the reason you are searching for a substitute for vegetable oil in your brownies, this list will immensely help you. Go through this list and find the replacement which fits your needs.


Butter slices in the kitchen

There is a high chance that you are already familiar with a common substitute for vegetable oil in the brownies – melted butter.

While both butter and oil will yield moist, soft brownies when baked, only butter will provide the dish with the aeration necessary for brownies to rise appropriately.

Because it makes the brownie batter rise, butter is typically seen to be a preferable choice when using cake brownies.

Which alternative you choose, though, will also bank on the kind of brownies you intend to make. Oil is often preferable for brownies that are thicker and fudge-like.

To keep the same flavor and texture, bake your brownies for three to two minutes more than average while using the equivalent percentage of butter as vegetable oil called for in the recipe.

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Canola oil

Because canola oil is frequently viewed as harmful to people’s health, not many people like it, but given that it comes from rapeseed, they are not entirely mistaken. Canola oil is relatively safe to eat after being refined and treated, though.

It has been established that canola oil is high in vital vitamins and low in saturated fat. When vegetable oil can’t be found, this oil is a perfect substitute because it has a neutral flavor. If two big spoons of vegetable oil are called for in the recipe, replace them with the same quantity of canola oil.


In recipes for brownies, applesauce is a terrific substitute for vegetable oil that you might already have in your cupboard.

Applesauce is not just a tasty condiment; it may also be substituted for the moistening ingredient in brownies and many other recipes.

When creating your brownies, use a three-quarters-to-one-cup ratio and cut back on the sugar significantly as well.

As a result of the sugars in the apple sauce, which are likely to add some sweetness, we advise you to avoid adding too much more sweetness to an already sweet dish.

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Sunflower oiloil, sunflower oil, edible oil

The medical community has long used sunflower oil. Despite being a kitchen essential, it has a long history of being linked to heart, skin, and hair health.

It’s frequently used as frying oil or to produce creamy mayonnaise due to its elevated smoking point and nutty flavor.

Brownies made with sunflower oil function similarly to those made with vegetable oil.

The inside is transformed, becoming even more fluffy as a result. You may tell that brownies cooked with sunflower oil have a lot of nutty overtones if your taste powers are great. You may substitute sunflower oil with vegetable oil at a one-to-one ratio.

Olive oil

It is logical to substitute olive oil for vegetable oil in your brownies, as olive oil is a component of vegetable oil. Keep in mind, though, that the taste of the brownies may change depending on the sort of olive oil you are using. Although the texture of the brownies won’t alter, the taste of the olive oil will be more apparent.

By using lighter olive oil, you can prevent a noticeable shift in flavor. Being a popular ingredient in every kitchen, olive oil is an excellent option if you do not have anything else to use in place of vegetable oil. Brownies will become lighter and fluffier after being infused with olive oil.

Olive oil should be used in brownies in a 1:1 ratio. You should use half a cup of olive oil instead of the specified amount of vegetable oil if the recipe asks for it.

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The following alternative for vegetable oil in brownies is yogurt. Make sure you are using plain yogurt; otherwise, your brownies will have some extra flavors. But you can also utilize flavored yogurt if you are making similarly flavored brownies, like using strawberry yogurt for strawberry brownies.

If you want to add nutrients and proteins to your brownies, you can use greek yogurt too. If you do not want to make your recipe with different flavored yogurt, then keep in mind that plain yogurt is just fine. Avoid yogurt if you are lactose intolerant.


Can we use coconut oil rather than vegetable oil to make brownies?

Yes, absolutely. The excitement around coconut oil is well-earned. It’s a multipurpose beauty item, a health enhancer, and a vital component that makes your dish an immediate hit with guests.

Coconut oil’s sweet, nutty scent has caused many to become infatuated with it. Unfortunately, baking dulls its trademark. Like other substitutes, coconut oil will give your brownies a great texture, and you can be sure that you won’t be able to stop at one. Your best option is refined coconut oil. The substitution ratio is also 1:1.

Which oil is best to use in a brownies recipe?

People prefer to choose vegetable oil to make their brownies because it has zero or mild flavor, which does not give extra taste or smell to your baked brownies. Canola oil is a substitute for vegetable oil which is why it is the best oil to use in brownies recipes other than vegetable oil.


If you are craving brownies and have decided to bake your favorite recipe but have run out of vegetable oils, there is nothing to worry about. You can use a number of alternatives in place of vegetable oil, like sunflower oil, olive oil, canola oil, applesauce, and even melted butter.

You can also opt for a substitute to make your brownies healthy so you can eat them without guilt.

If you want to make your brownies creamier and fudgier, then go for melted butter in the recipe instead of vegetable oil.

Yogurt can be a better substitute if you are looking for low-fat content. Add applesauce instead of vegetable oil to your brownie recipe to obtain more moist and healthier brownies.

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