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Why Are Brownies Better Than Cookies? (Brownies Vs. Cookies)

Brownies Vs. Cookies – the debate has been around from the beginning of time (it is for sure as old as cookies and brownies are now!)

There is no person who does not crave a good, sweet dessert after dinner. Right?

Eating a dessert with the family while everyone talks and laughs – these are the small moments we live for.

But here is a question for you – what will you choose your dessert to be? Fudgy brownie or a cookie?

Which of the two most loved desserts will win in the battle of brownies Vs. Cookies?

You do not even have to guess the answer because brownies are for sure the winner!

Brownies Vs. Cookies – Let’s Debate

Did you know that brownies are cookies? Though it sounds wrong, it is hundred percent true.

Does this imply that the argument between cookies and brownies is pointless, given that brownies are, in fact, cookies?

Even though a brownie is a cookie only, there are still significant variations in how each one is made.

Let’s compare cookies and brownies to see which one is more liked by the people. Keep reading because, in this article, I have also stated the reasons why people like brownies better than cookies.

To make things easy to understand in this debate of brownies vs. cookies, I have focussed only on the most popular flavor of both. So we are just going to focus on chocolate chip cookies and chocolate brownies.

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Which is easier to make – Brownies or cookies?

If you had to bake something, what would you choose? Brownies or cookies? Which of them is easier to make?

You may think that both of the recipes are the same – whip the mixture, line the pan with parchment paper, pour the mixture, place the pan in the kitchen oven, and be done!

But that is not true. If you decide to bake cookies, you need to shape them and have to make sure there is space between each piece.

But in the case of brownies, you do not have to worry about the shape because you can cut them up in pieces when done.

Which Is More Healthy- Brownies or Cookies?

So which is the healthy option between brownies and cookies? Between brownies and cookies, which have more calories?

When every ingredient is taken into consideration, it has been seen that brownies contain more calories than cookies.

So, which is better for you, brownies or cookies?

We are certain now that the answer to the question is – Are brownies a much healthier option than cookies? is undoubtedly false.

Also, we can not conclusively state that cookies are any better than brownies. After all, they both have sugar. Both are wonderful, but it is not a good idea to eat too much of either.

Which is the best fit for transportation – Brownies or cookies?

Which of the brownies and cookies has a higher chance of remaining intact after delivery? That is something to think about in this debate about brownies vs. cookies.

To answer this question, let’s compare chocolate brownies with chocolate chip cookies and see which is more portable.

Imagine that you had no option but to have your items delivered by motorbike. Though, it is not the ideal option because most motorcyclists don’t exercise caution.

You need to consider what will happen to your brownies or cookies in transportation. Brownies may have a higher chance of surviving if they are packaged.

However, if the cookies are the soft, chewy kind, you could find chocolate chunks dispersed throughout the box. Even worse, your cookies could already be half.

Cookies could survive better when transported in different containers or driven in different vehicles.

If you need to transport your baked goodies elsewhere, brownies could be a better option because they are often more resilient

Why Do People Love Brownies?

One thing is for sure brownies are better than cookies, but have you ever wondered why people love brownies so much?

The perfect texture and consistency of brownies make them more appealing to people. Also, have you ever seen someone refuse to fudgy brownies? I certainly have not.

In comparison to cookies, brownies are more three-dimensional, so you can absolutely pack more flavor into them.

It also feels more substantial than conventional cookies since it has a more three-dimensional shape. A single brownie will make you feel fuller than a single biscuit would.

Brownies also have a little sense of exclusivity. If you think about it, a true brownie is not something you can get at the supermarket, but you can always get cookies from the market.

Yes, they are little drops of heaven, but there are many other reasons why people prefer brownies over cookies.

You can customize your brownies the way you want

What do I like most about brownies? I can customize them according to what I am craving at the moment.

Yes, brownies are perfect on their own but have you ever tried adding chocolate chips, dry fruits, or even pieces of cookies to it?

Get creative with your brownie recipes and start adding whatever you want to add to your brownies.

Brownies are the best solution for the sweet tooth

There are a lot of people who have sweet teeth, and this fact can not be denied. Such people are constantly drawn to sweets and find it difficult to resist.

Brownies and mainly chocolate brownies are the best options to satisfy your sweet cravings. You should be a little careful when ordering brownies online in order to experience the best flavors.

You can consume as much as you like

People often consider the number of their meals when choosing what to eat. They need not hesitate when it comes to consuming brownies.

You have to admit that no one can eat just one of these brownies because they are so addicting.

Also, chocolate is not that bad for your health. Why?

Chocolate is believed to decrease blood pressure and raise “good” cholesterol, in addition to being a strong source of antioxidants.

Brownies are delicious snacks

People who are foody choose their meals and dessert carefully because they are excessively picky about what they consume.

One of the most popular options for people for snacks in the evening is chocolate brownies.

It is because brownies have a satisfying crunch, wonderful texture, and an alluring scent. What more can you ask for in a snack?

This is the reason why chocolate brownies come out to be a perfect supper option. You can enjoy them without any sense of guilt, as opposed to any other kind of supper laden with oil and spices.


Why are brownies considered a cookie and not cake?

Did you know that brownies are not considered cake? Yes, it is true, even though it is unbelievable. Brownies are categorized as cookies.

Are you wondering why? Let’s find out.

A very interesting fact about brownies is that they are considered cookies and not cakes.

Even though the texture of both brownies and cake are the same, brownies are still cookies.

This is because of the fact that brownies are supposed to be finger food, i.e., we eat brownies with the help of our fingers, but cake is often eaten with a fork.

Are brownies supposed to be eaten hot or cold?

You must have seen that some people like to have their brownies hot or at room temperature, but some like their brownies cold.

So what is the right way? Should you serve your baked brownies hot or cold to your guests?

There is no perfect answer to this question because it all depends on each and every person’s individual choice.

Although it is preferred to consume brownies at room temperature, it is because when brownies are cold, you won’t be able to enjoy your dessert because it will be hard to chew.

Final Thoughts

To understand the question – “why are brownies better than cookies?” you have to taste the perfectly baked fudgy chocolate brownies.

Your taste buds will tell you why having a brownie is always a better choice.

People like brownies more than cookies because they are easy to make (as you do not have to spend time to give them the perfect shape). You can easily transport and store your brownies in comparison to the cookies.

Another reason why people love brownies more than cookie’s because you can customize your brownies to a great extent. Also, brownies are the perfect combination with coffee!

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